Hala Shiha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And others demanding: «return to the veil»

Hala Shiha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And others demanding: «return to the veil»

The Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce the launch of a new e-commerce campaign in Egypt. Arabic and international news, as well as the latest Arabic Hala Shehha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And other demanding: «Back to the veil», Hala Shiha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And other demanding : «Let's return to the veil» On the other hand we hope to get everyone's admiration and we want to impress the project to receive you all new and to participate Telling about social networking sites, Hala Shiha .. welcomes e-campaigns: «Norte» .. and other demanding ones: «veil Udi».

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Multiple pages and accounts on social networking sites that bear his name in both Arabic and English are launched as Arab artists – also written on those pages – sometimes or as actresses far from life and artistic lights to be full of religious writings and human examples.

The irony is that these pages do not include an official or official account of the artist Hala Shiha, before his retirement or after his return, despite rumors about one of the accounts on Facebook he followed before going into retirement, which bears images of the veil, and in the last account that bears his name on Instagram launched A page in the name of hala-shiha-official yesterday, several images of the returning artist, and more images recent without a veil, and she also brought statements attributed to her "Call the Creation of the Creator", and then published an image without a veil and commented "I'm back" and inside the calculation attributed to "solution" photos with her sisters here and Maya and Rasha in their childhood.

The stories recorded in the name of Hala Shiha received many negative comments that attacked and criticized the use of the Hijab and announced their return to representation. Some of these comments attacked the transformation of the "solution", not the veil at the hijab, but also because it represented a simple symbol for the Egyptian girl "I have been a wonderful experience and I have approached many people to our Lord, so I think your words will be fixed with you." Another wrote: "I decided to take off the niqab and return to represent … it is of course, and all of them Ahrar, but did not make a personal decision in silence instead of" We turn to icons and prefer to go to groups and return from them, and our form remains a monster. "And the third book," Take off the veil, this is our business, because it has deprived art and has forbidden to look at it.

A number of pages called "Odeh Yahela" to invite the artist to return to the performance to review his decision and return to his commitment to hijab while a sheikh called "Mohammed Al-Sawy" video on Facebook talking about his attempt to communicate with the "solution" to return to the commitment, indicating his relationship with her husband in Canada and informed him of his refusal to return, which exacerbated the controversy about the return of the "solution".

However, many were next to the "solution" and supported it with their positive comments. "Every person is free in his life.We are not responsible to the Lord of the World, but the veil is back, the representation of his life and the interest of his interest, certainly the progress of the art of adding a unified message to his work on fire, And wrote a third "the news of the return of a solution to the representation of the happiest news that I read, because it is a talented family", and launched invitation pages called "Norte" to welcome again the decision to return the «solution» of art and lights, while others considered his return as a return to enlightenment and the reduction of the commitment Women in the niqab and compared the images of women in the Hijab years and being in Garhn and their commitment during one of the concerts, and images of hijab women are subjected to harassment and harassment now.A number of artists of Hala's colleagues also welcomed with fa those who have not visited or worked with her in her work, including the artist Ayten Amer, who has been invited to welcome Hala.

He wrote: "I love you, I thank you that everyone is free, everyone has the right to follow his life as he wishes, everyone is free to adopt his life decisions, there is no one to watch over others" and Ayten continued to defend "a solution": almost the same people harass me Because revealed and welcome in the "solution" in our society, whether the Hijab or the same people is Taloni Kafrp because I had Christians to allow the beginning of fasting virginity ».

At the end of the topic, we regret any mistake in the content in question. There is no doubt that we do not receive the admiration of all parties and that they are only news that we collect from the major international newspapers, to bring you all the news from every part of the world as we always promise to provide everyone what's best and the timely transmission of events from all sources of news and facilitate reading them. We hope to get the admiration of all our visitors and to support us is the secret of our success and do not forget to follow us on social network sites to receive all the news at the time of the event. As for the Manshet family website.

source: Egyptian today

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