Hala Shiha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And others demanding: «return to the veil»

Hala Shiha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And others demanding: «return to the veil»

The Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce the launch of a new e-commerce campaign in Egypt. Arabic and international news, as well as the latest Arabic Hala Shehha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And other demanding: «Back to the veil», Hala Shiha .. Welcome electronic campaigns: «Norte» .. And other demanding : «Let's return to the veil» On the other hand we hope to get everyone's admiration and we want to impress the project to receive you all new and to participate Telling about social networking sites, Hala Shiha .. welcomes e-campaigns: «Norte» .. and other demanding ones: «veil Udi».

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Multiple pages and accounts on social networking sites that bear his name in both Arabic and English are launched as Arab artists – also written on those pages – sometimes or as actresses far from life and artistic lights to be full of religious writings and human examples.

The irony is that these pages do not include an official or official account of the artist Hala Shiha, before his retirement or after his return, despite rumors about one of the accounts on Facebook he followed before going into retirement, which bears images of the veil, and in the last account that bears his name on Instagram launched A page in the name of hala-shiha-official yesterday, several images of the returning artist, and more images recent without a veil, and she also brought statements attributed to her "Call the Creation of the Creator", and then published an image without a veil and commented "I'm back" and inside the calculation attributed to "solution" photos with her sisters here and Maya and Rasha in their childhood.

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source: Egyptian today