Hani Mahrous announces the deletion of the songs of Mohammed Rashad and the final answer: celebrating existence and success

The singer Mohammad Rashad and the producer Hani Mahrous have entered Saddam because of the details of the contracts between them.Maïro issued a press release on Thursday announcing the removal of a large number of Rashad numbers from various social media sites as a result of violating the rights of the company that has the right to his vocal performance. The terms of the contract concluded between him and the company, according to owner Hani Mahrous.

Mahrous added that the legal decision was based on the text of the court on the right of Mahrous and his company in the proper execution of the aforementioned singer and that he can not put songs with other companies on any platform or channel or radio except for the end of the contract period to continue in 2022, therefore a number of songs were removed, the most recent of which was the song "Ehsasi", which he mentioned during his marriage.

The statement pointed out that Mohammed Rashad continued to create problems and insulted the person Mahrous and his team and urged them to record new songs at a number of production companies and violated the terms of the contract in advance, calling upon his legal counsel to take legal action. to take action against Rashad and to remove the decision to remove all works What is in conflict with the terms of the contract of another party.

Mohammed Rashad responded to his statement and emphasized the erroneous removal of his songs and in particular his latest song "Ihssi" on the basis of a court decision, pointing out that the song is on YouTube and anyone who can see it is not removed at all and celebrates his success still to come closer to reaching Million viewers on YouTube next to occupying yesterday, third place on the site of Anghani.

Rashad said if there was a decision to prevent it from being removed from YouTube, then there is no truth about what was mentioned, because the song is also on the Media Media sites as it was produced by Mohammed Rashad himself and nobody it can remove it.

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