Hannity a no-show for Fox's election night coverage

NEW YORK – After Fox News Channel called Sean Hannity's appearance at a Trump rally on Monday an "unfortunate distraction," a further distraction was avoided on election night.

Hannity made no appearance on Fox's midterm coverage, even though the network had previously announced that its prime-time opinion hosts Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham would be all part of it. Both Carlson and Ingraham did appear.

When Hannian and Fox were interviewed by Jeanine Pirro during President Trump's final rally before the elections in Missouri, it was an embarrassment to the network. Fox said on Tuesday that it did not have condone such campaign appearances, and called it covering the election. Fox would not discuss whether Hannity or Pirro faced any punishment.

So when Hannity was a no-show on Tuesday night, it was the most popular personality that was absent because of the network's displeasure with the rally appearance.

A Fox spokeswoman would not discuss that on Wednesday, or explain why Hannie did not appear on election night when the network had announced, via an Oct. 29 news release, that he would. She did point to recent Hannity statements that he had other plans that night.

"I'll be watching you on election night," Hannity told Fox's Bill on the air last week. "I will be home drinking heavily. Either celebrating or in misery, one or the other. "

On his radio show Tuesday, Hannity said that he does not work for Fox on election nights "because I am so neurotic." He said that he watches for multiple televisions, phones and computers. "I think in 2016 I did not go to bed until 8 or 9 in the morning the next day," he said.

Hannity did find out about the time on election night 2016, when Trump scored his surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, to give a lengthy phone interview as part of Fox's coverage.

Pirro was never scheduled to work on election night.

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