Harassment Megan Markle: the duchess risks the image that the royal family does not do what we need

Harassment Megan Markl began almost from the moment of her entry into the royal family. The ex-star of the series "Force Majeure" declared herself as a spoiled and serious woman with a difficult character. Relatives poured oil on the fire, threw mud at it and appeared in scandals, Joinfo.ua reports.

Megan Markle is busy with scandals and has to work

When the actress decided to marry the prince, she not only participated in the new family with whom she spent Easter and Christmas, drank a cup of tea and played board games. She received important work that had to be carried out on behalf of the monarch. But apparently the Duchess of Sussex did not understand this.

Recently Megan's friends spoke in an interview in which they made the ex-actress Mother Mother Teresa and Martha Stewart, who organize home dinners, who are looking for the perfect scented candles for rooms in her free time.

There were also rumors that the wife of Prince Harry had not contacted her father since she won the royal title. However, this is not the case. Her father published on the web a part of her letter in which the Duchess begged him to stop embarrassing her.

The highlight was also the publication of Markl's correspondence as she prepared for the wedding, and demanded that the St. George's Chapel in Windsor be sprayed with refreshing means to get rid of the stale odor. Reportedly, she brought Kate Middleton to tears when it came to choosing dresses for bridesmaids, including Princess Charlotte.

Megan Markle it's time to worry about others

One thing is clear, that Megan is the time to end the persecution. She must stop worrying about her own name and appear as a victim. She forgot that she now has obligations to the crown.

After she forced her father to publish that letter, she became more concerned about her image than about her new family. But to be a windsor is not to engage in your own person, but to attend the opening of charitable organizations and public events.

No wonder George Clooney compared the duchess with her deceased mother-in-law. Princess Diana was also harassed by the media and the family, which ended in a tragic death. Hollywood actor does not want his colleagues to be so fate.

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