HBO unveils the premiere of "Barry" Season 2 of Tulsa, originally from Tulsa

Bill Hader plays the lead role in the series of dark comics "Barry". HBO photos

HBO has revealed on social media today, when we can expect more from Tulsa, Bill Hader, in his award-winning series "Barry".

The second season of the dark comedy will make its debut on March 31st.

As reported earlier, Hader earned the best actor in a comedy series, while his legendary co-star Henry Winkler won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, both at the Primetime Emmy Awards and Critics & # 39 ; Choice Awards.

In addition, Hader received exceptional acclaim in comedy series for the first episode of the series at the Directors Guild of America Awards.

Hader, who also received a Golden Globe nomination for the role, plays the lead role of a depressed and low-rent killer from the Midwest who falls in love with acting while in Los Angeles in the HBO series. The original from Oklahoma co-created "Barry" with Alex Berg.