Heidi Klum places a photo with Tom Kaulitz - a detail brings the fans into a stir

Halloween fan Heidi Klum warms the rumor mill with her post on Instagram. The followers notice a detail. "Are you pregnant?" They ask it directly.

Los Angeles shows that Heidi Klum is a huge Halloween fan every year with their spectacular disguises for their infamous Halloween parties. But she can make extensive costumes and sits in the mask for hours. Last year, for example, the 45-year-old turned into a werewolf, reminiscent of the characters from Michael Jackson's famous & # 39; thriller & # 39; video.

Unrecognizable: in 2017 Heidi Klum turned into a werewolf.

© dpa / Evan Agostini

The moderator of the ProSieben casting show "Germany's Next Top Model" (GNTM) also proves her courage, for example when she appears in 2013 as an old lady with a wrinkled face, age spots and gray hair.

Heidi Klum as an old lady at her Halloween party in 2013.

© dpa / Kristin Callahan – Ace Pictures

Also on her Instagram profile everything revolves around a few days around October 31st. She posted a photo of her very first disguise.

Video: family photo makes criticism

And with her Halloween enthusiasm Heidi Klum infects the whole family, as can be seen in her Instagram story. Together with her partner Tom Kaulitz (29) and her four children, she has carved and decorated pumpkins on weekends. Then the model placed a "family photo", where she can be seen next to the hotel guitarist in Tokyo and her children for a house made of pumpkins. "PUMPKIN" (pumpkin) Klum wrote in capitals and covered the heads of her offspring with pumpkin emoji's.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz: Family photo collected bad reactions

But many of the comments from their followers are not so much about the craft of the Klum clan, but mock the current constellation and bring about wild speculation.

Although Heidi and Tom have been a couple for six months, the two are still harassed and criticize their partnership. "How many men will these children probably get to know?" Asks a user. "Heidi with five children", there is another telling comment with allusions to the age difference of 16 years. When asked where the father stands on the photo, a follower complains: "What the fathers meant". And another answer: "Father is the fifth child of Heidi".

Heidi Klum also receives support from her fans. "You are such a great family" or "what a great man, dear Heidi !!! Great picture!" It is in the comments. "Oh Heidi, why can people talk and think about others who are just ugly … what's going on in this world, I wish you and your family a Happy Halloween and the young man would surrender," says a follower of the words of the users. Victoria Lauterbach, the wife of actor Heiner Lauterbach, also commented on the picture. "What a nice family photo", writes the 46-year-old.

Speculation around the belly by Heidi Klum

Other followers notice something very different on the snapshot. Because Heidi Klum holds her pumpkin right in front of her belly, the followers have a direct guess. "Heidi carries her pumpkin on her belly? Is there someone pregnant?" Or "Pregnant?" Is read in countless comments. "You are such an amazing woman, are you pregnant?" So another direct question.

Other users regard the wild speculation as unreliable and refer to Heidi Klum's son Henry, who also holds his pumpkin for his stomach: "Then Henry is probably too pregnant," writes a follower strikingly.

The latest Instgram posts from Heidi Klum regularly cause heated debates among their fans. For example, a picture of her bedroom or a video in which the top model and Tom Kaulitz lick themselves as dogs.

Excitement for the Halloween costume by Heidi Klum

In which costume the unofficial Halloween Queen is released this year is still a mystery. Only photos & videos that show the work of the make-up artist, she posted as a taste of Instagram and with that the tension.