Heidi Klum: this picture of the bust should not please the friend Tom Kaulitz

With a model of breast photos, Heidi Klum provides a vortex and hides a particular spicy. Tom Kaulitz like it?

© dpa / Willy Sanjuan (photomontage)

The model Heidi Klum (45) turns with a prosperous photo and does not mention a spicy detail. Tom Kaulitz like it?

Los Angeles – While Germany is just pulling out its wool sweaters, Heidi Klum (45) leaves in sunny California the blankets fallAt this sight, not only does the ice melt in Heidi's hand. Even his male fans on Instagram (5.1 million followers) are wiped out. Half a day after the exit, this has been achieved Breast-image already 178.000 Like If his friend Tom Kaulitz (29) likes so much bare skin – visible to all – how?

Heidi Klum offers his fans something to have fun

With an innocent naive look, wavy hair and a lolita pose, Heidi Klum casts a spell on the spectator and casually asks in his status line "Ice cream anyone?" Heidi as an ice cream seller online? It almost seems like an immoral offer. Because in the photo (here directly on Instagram) they are also still Heidi's balls see

Nipple door at Heidi Klum

The breast of Heidi Klum, which she claims to be called Hans and Franz, once again causes a sensation. So you want image detectives on it Blitzer nipples can you understand Desirable thought or truth? In any case, Heidi Klum has his cleavage firmly under control and must hope that the friend Tom Kaulitz does not become jealous when millions of men admire the photo of his boyfriend.

A user prepares the apparently cheerful image: "A picture like that distinguishes Heidi Klum only from real supermodels. Hot enough, dear Heidi", Commented the photo of the American stellar photographer Bruce Weber (72), who at the beginning of the years began to talk about titles due to alleged harassment of his male models.

What Heidi Klum does not reveal on the image

The photo was taken in 2003, in particular for the legendary Pirelli calendar. This illustrated calendar is published by the Italian tire manufacturer of the same name and is only distributed to selected friends of the company. It is considered the epitome of erotic photography and is a coveted collector's item. Heidi Klum is only 30 years old in the picture. So, only a year older than his current friend Tom Kaulitz (29), the guitarist of the Tokio Hotel group. The same top model did not give any details to the photo. Did Heidi Klum want to escape the comparison that seems today?

It is not the first blitzer of the heart that Heidi Klum provokes with excitement

Heidi Klum with the lover Tom Kaulitz. The model deeply observes the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

© Heidi Klum / Instagram

Previously, Heid Klum held his pending fans in early September with a photo of the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. Seeing him, the GNTM presenter with his boyfriend Tom Kaulitz – and the mass chest, The result: almost 260,000 I like it. Whether it is Hans or Franz is unknown. Recently, many users were surprised by this message: Attack on Heidi Klum? Cheyenne Ochsenknecht publishes a secret GNTM document. Above all many fans have discussed: flew on! Fans discover a new tattoo at Heidi Klum – What does this letter mean?

Sven Barthel