Helene Fischer Tour 2018: Fans crazy! Helene makes a moving declaration of love

Helene Fischer celebrated her comeback in early September.
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For their fans there Helene Fischer everything is known. Nothing could have made this clearer than her arena date this year. At the end of her concerts in Berlin and Vienna she came back with a special message. The moving declaration of love does not go to her fans or partner Florian Silbereisen.

Helene Fischer collects tour concerts in Berlin and Vienna

2018 was almost a pure year for Helene Fischer. The last concerts of her arena tour in March were followed by the stadium tour in June. And even after, was and is for the Schlagersinger does not end. From September she entered the dates of her tour of the arena, which she had to cancel at the beginning of the year due to illness. After her exciting phase comeback in Mannheim The blonde showed everything at five Nachhol shows in Berlin and two more in Vienna. A concert is still open, their very first stadium concert in the Netherlands (15.09.2018). Nevertheless Helene hesitates to announce herself with a message to her fans via Instagram.

Touching declaration of love! Helene confesses her true love

The emphasis will be on the follow-up concerts in Berlin and Vienna. "Berlin and Vienna – THANKS It was so great to come back and finally play the show you waited for!", Let her fans know. "A year after the tour started and we still burn every night before this show – that is and remains unique!" She continues with the video clip she posted on Instagram. In the exceptional case it is not herself, but her crew that is in focus. With intimate insights behind the scenes, she thanked her dancers, technicians and, among other things, "LOVE MY CREW SO MUCH", she shows with a red heart and the hashtag "crewloveistruelove" downright emotionally.

Helene Fischer fans moved after criticism of the pop singer

Their fans – even though they are not included in gratitude this time – are doing pretty well and in turn they thank Helene and her crew. "I have to thank you for this great show, that was great, what you all did together", "Yes, Helene, these were pure emotions I experienced during your shows … you're just great and your team", " Thank you for everything we experienced with you last year "or" Helene we thank you !!! ", they react enthusiastically and with a torrent of red hearts at Helene's video post.

That is certainly a blessing for the singer. Because she had to deal with a lot of criticism in recent days. The occasion was the riots in Chemnitz and there by the band Kraftklub and other artists who have set up a charity concert. Helene Fischer initially did not make a political statement but reported under the hashtag #wirsindmehr with their fans, ZDF presenter Jan Böhmermann did not miss it, to convince the pop singer of her political message,

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