Heritage Days: the hidden treasures of RATP

Heritage Days: the hidden treasures of RATP

For the days of heritage, discover a family secret … This is the beginning of a space-time journey, a treasure hunt in the historic reserve of RATP equipment … The clues are hidden in huge sheds. Inside, there are dozens of buses, RER, metro, tram … More than 200 vehicles, all recovered in the company's reformed and refurbished equipment. Among these vehicles: the first French subway, which appeared on July 19, 1900. "The first subway was commissioned at the time of the Universal Exhibition"explains Jean-Michel Leblanc, RATP's heritage manager.

So, it is possible to find out "the subway on the tire, which was somehow invented by the RATP engineers and which is now developing all over the world". The actors make each index discover. And it must be said that visitors are conquered, surprised or even nostalgic. For some, memories are remembered in mind, those of the first family trips in particular. In this reserve, the RATP concentrates 118 years of its history. Reserves that are very rarely open to the public.

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