Heritage Days: visits to do, sites to discover and lovers to meet

Heritage Days: visits to do, sites to discover and lovers to meet

Their work, an amazing paradox when we know the care it is being brought, must be " virtual "To see each other " We are committed to using the same stone, the same hardness, binders that are compatible with adjacent bricks and of course we look the same aspect of the facings with an identical profile. "emphasizes Patrick Pépin, the boss "The rock cut", the company he founded at the edge of the industrial boulevard, Sotteville-lès-Rouenand who will celebrate his thirtieth birthday next week.

He was then a representative of the fourth generation, in the extension of a long line of stonecutters, which had been working since 1896 in the monuments and beautiful houses in the region. " Child, I was already playing with a bulrush and scissors, gouges and slopeshe recalls. Then I really learned the job and in particular followed the lessons of Dominique Moufle, chief architect of historical monuments, in the Lycée building and public works Saint-Lambert in Paris. It was exciting ! Very focused on the preservation and restoration of historical monuments. I can tell you that nobody would have thought to dry out his lessons … "

Two years in the company Normandie Rénovation, completed his training. Then he launched himself, first modestly with a single employee, and then with other companions, in the restoration of castles, churches, mansions, small heritage items and even monuments to the dead with regard to Neufmarché and Mandeville.

On his desk a photo album of the interventions of "The rock cut" in the castle attestsArgeronneat Keller Castle Bourgtheroulde and that ofAmfreville-sur-Iton andAcquigny, the last two offer entertainment this weekend on the occasion of Heritage Days.

"Listen to the building"

If he admits a weakness for Romanesque architecture, " welcoming, soothing, full of curves Patrick Pépin admires in Gothic style and renaissance style « prowess Architectural and for shaping stones. " If we look at the façade of the Rouen tourist office, the cathedral and the butter tower, built with a yellow stone from the quarries of the Oise valley, or follow the abbey street, we can only experience happiness He is enthusiastic.

Even the small heritage, a shed, a bread oven, a laundromat, can be worth a visit. And if municipalities can recoil for the estimation of a complete restoration, at this time that the donations from the state underwent a weight loss treatment, then it is at least necessary to engage conservation works, to replace the missing slats, and to save as long as there is still time left. is, before drawing up a multi-year financing plan.

Is it necessary to keep everything? The answer is from the elected officials, the owners and probably also a bit for their children. " Fortunately, there are many people, volunteers, municipalities and organizations such as the Heritage Foundation who mobilize ", Emphasizes the boss of" The cut rock ", not very proud of the label of company of the living legacy, a beautiful name and a symbol for these artisans who work as much in respect for the past as for the transfer to future generations.

The prefect of the region opens "his" house in Rouen

For the second consecutive year, the Seine-Maritime prefecture will be open to the public tomorrow. When Fabienne Buccio arrived in Rouen in 2017, he wanted to make contact with the Heritage Days again. " Because the old Hotel-Dieu is a beautiful building steeped in history. " " Last year more than 600 people came, reminds the prefect of the region that he is mobilized personally with about twenty employees who play the guides. Visitors who so wish can end their walk with a passage in my office. " Like about fifty CM2 students today school Honoré de Balzac from Rouen Fabienne Buccio will explain her job. " Because I am proud of what I do and what the government does for citizens on a daily basis. And it is always refreshing to talk to people who ask you very direct questions. "

To receive the audience, Saturday 9 h 30 to 17 hThe prefect will attend a conference on Friday evening (6.30 pm, on reservation on 06 86 59 40 49) on the transformation of the Hôtel-Dieu in the prefecture, organized in collaboration with the history group of hospitals in Rouen. " Pierre Mirabeau, the former Secretary-General of the Seine-Maritime prefecture, who was in office at the time, will bring his testimony and his anecdotes. " On Saturday, visitors will discover three exhibitions during their walk: "the Frac at … the prefecture"; "A Thousand Years of Normandy" and "The Flight", a series of photographs of Flyhn that traces the restoration of the carillon of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Rouen. " What can we do to ensure that people want to come back ? This is the question we have asked ourselves to prepare for this day. " A day that also allows the prefect to repeat that " the state puts a lot of money into the preservation of the heritage. And we do it in good intelligence with the cities, the metropolis or the departments. We must set priorities. "

Lotto attracts Friday night

A Loto and a scratch game have been launched to help restore 18 monuments « emblematic In danger, from about 270 selected. The first checks will be carried out tomorrow Saturday. Endowed with a jackpot of 13 million euros, equal to that of a draw on Friday 13, the Loto has been fired tonight. Schedules cost 3 €. As far as the scratch game is concerned, it goes on until the 12 millions of tickets sold 15 €. The game has a very good start ", Says one of the French games (FDJ) Players have a one in three chance to win at least 15 euro. 1.52 € per ticket is donated to Heritage. In total, the FDJ must perform a check from 15 to 20 M €.

Links woven through the Normandy region

In Normandy the emphasis is on cooperation between countries, the sharing and dissemination of culture in the Mont Saint-Michel, Gaillon, Rouen and around the carpet of Bayeux.

The list of events, public and private monuments that open their doors, unusual places, even secrets that will develop a bit, is clearly impressive. It reflects the rich heritage of the region, its variety and the care it has taken over the years to ensure its transfer.

From the most modest church, from the simple laundry, from the dovecote to the opulent castle, hundreds of visits to curious people are offered. And there are many: heritage, natural or built, is a French passion.

It shares it not only with the European Heritage Days, but also with the European Heritage Days, which, says the Ministry of Culture, " to see the strong cultural ties that unite European nations "As proof, the agreement signed on July 5 by the Minister Françoise Nyssen with its British counterpart, overseeing the cooperation of the two countries around the project to redesign the museum of the carpet Bayeux.

the Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most symbolic illustrations. The guided tour on the occasion of the European Heritage Days will focus on the connections between the mountain and European countries: the cult of the archangel in Italy, the sanctuaries of St. Michael in England and Ireland, the connections between the pilgrimage to Compostela and Mt.

The exhibition "Scholars and believers" from the Museum of Antiquities Rouen dedicated to the intellectual life and material culture of the Middle Ages in Northern Europe reveals the cultural and artistic exchanges between the Jewish and Christian communities, closely intertwined between Normandy and England.

The castle of Gaillon, a renaissance castle, the fruit of a collaboration between many Italian and Norman artists, invites you to a lively visit and a painting exhibition. You will admire the fountain in Carrara marble which was thanked in honor of the Republic of Venice for Cardinal Amboise.

Castle of Carneville, built around 1755, owned by the Tocqueville family for many years, was selected to take advantage of the Lotto Heritage of Stéphane Bern. It opens its doors and invites you to share a tasting of regional products.

The Henri IV House in Saint-Valery-en-Caux suggests sharing the secrets of making ceramic works. You take the opportunity to admire the renaissance façade that is reflected in the waters of the port.


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