Hollywood stars line up for immigrants at the gala party L & # 39; UNIVERSAL

Hollywood stars line up for immigrants at the gala party L & # 39; UNIVERSAL

A gala to raise money to help Central American youths who have emigrated alone, as well as California asylum seekers, will gather Hollywood stars today, while others will help without being present, like Carlos Santana, who sent a guitar to be put up for auction.

The "Champions for Children's Gala Party" will be held tonight at the "Sportsmen & # 39; s Lodge" in Studio City, Hollywood, organized by the Refugee Children's Center in San Fernando Valley, California.

The beneficiaries will be about 700 children who need support with school materials, payment of legal procedures and health care, among other needs, as well as about 3,000 asylum seekers.

When there are "children who need help it is everyone's responsibility" to support them, said Alex Meneses, an actress who played Isabela Santamaría in the television series "Telenovela", among other productions.

These guys have emigrated to the United States to "have a better life", so we have to help them, said the Mexican-American artist who played "Cookie" in an episode of the "Friends" series.

More than thirty actors, writers, filmmakers and musicians are expected to parade through the red carpet of the gala, such as Esaí Morales ("Ozark"), Colleen Porch ("Transformers"), Natalia Córdova ("Agents of SHIELD"), Izzy Diaz ( "Snowfall2) and Eva LaRue (" All My Children "), among others.

Gian Marco, Peruvian singer-songwriter, who received three Grammy Latini awards, told Efe that "doing good and for a just cause is a duty and a blessing.

"A child has the right to be a child, to play, to be polite, to be full of love and not fear," said the songwriter of hits like "I know you think of me" and "Love me".

In 2015, when he was 17, Miguel Muñoz, a native of La Paz (El Salvador), emigrated alone to the United States. for death threats of gang members.

"Celebrities are people who have a lot of influence," said Efe Muñoz, who is currently studying construction engineering in this country.

"And for these people to take the time to come and support them, everyone makes us feel good," he said.

Muñoz said that in addition to covering the legal costs "there are children who need to be in a house where they support them, because" some of them, despite receiving family members do not want them, neglect them and therefore have psychological problems or adaptation ".

Fred Morris, pastor of the North Hills Methodist Church, founder of the "refugee children" organization, told Efe that "without lawyers, these children will be deported to the country where they fear they will be killed."

"But it is absurd for every child to pay about $ 3,700 to a lawyer for legal representation," Morris said.

"That's why we need donors to visit the sfvrefugeechildrencenter.org site to collect the money we have to pay for lawyers, doctors, psychologists," he invited.

Among today's surprises, said Morris, the famous composer and guitarist Carlos Santana has sent an autographed guitar brand "Paul Reed Smith (PRS)" to auction it and then raise more funds "for the cause of the immigrants. ".