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48 hours were published by Mona Farouk and Shima al-Hajj in "Al-Hashiba", within the first part of Nasr City, after they were arrested last Thursday on charges of committing the scandalous act after activists had distributed social media sites . It is a famous outlet, in which the two accused dancers are performed naked.

The details of the first night of Muna Farouk and Shima al-Haj are in "Al-Hashiba", which was reported by a security source that refused to be called in the department. As soon as they entered the box, they were fully registered and stripped of all their personal belongings before they were taken into custody.

A serious collapse and a hysterical howling, the case that the two defendants immediately appeared to be in custody, according to the source, and noted that after a short period of detention they had been able to enter food and beverages.

Muna and Shima did not talk about the first night of their detention, according to the source, all they said, shouting hysterically together: "God is generous and yes, the agent in the case was the reason, God is the agent and the agent in the bet and the video squadron ".

The two women confess before the Public Prosecution Service that they appeared in the porn video, which runs through social media sites, and show a person who would be a famous director.

They also confirmed during the investigation that they did not hear that the director was filming them and then were surprised by the distribution of those videos via the internet.

Mona Farouk Shima al-Hajj was accused of committing a flagrant act, inciting infidelity, publishing sexual video & # 39; s and ordering the persecution of the first city Nasr to Shima El-Haj and Mona Farouk 4 days in anticipation of an investigation.

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