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The scene is one and the heroes are changing. Since then, a number of videos have been published in the artistic center, including the video by artist Rania Yousef, who spread rumors after the publication of a video clip of a person, attributed to it, but stood by and submitted a report to the Public Prosecutor, She was summoned today to testify about her communication against an unknown person.

The same was repeated with the singer Minna Shalabi, where the media and social networking sites were informed about the videos she collected in a famous director, but Shalabi's action has been unclear so far. She declined to comment on the media and the media. Social development.

Mena Shalabi was exposed in 2007 to the news of her relationship with Khaled Youssef when he announced his engagement with her in a television interview that would be the wedding after the filming of the film "Kida Reda", but soon disintegrated without the cause to reveal, "starring Hani Salama and Nelly Karim.

& # 39; I was worried about the engagement because she led his life, & # 39; Zizi told Mustafa to her mother. She said she agreed because her daughter loved him.

After the divorce Mina apologized for participating in the film "When a Facilitator", which was granted by the majority in the artistic community to break her commitment from the director of the work, but revealed that the reason is a traffic accident before the start of filming.

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