home | Art and culture Mona Farouk's brother: «My sister's Mtrnach .. The truth will appear soon»

Mustafa Farouk, brother of the artist Mona Farouk, expressed his dismay at the news that spread recently after his arrest, emphasizing that it was "just bids".

Regarding the news that was spread in the days before, about the rejection of his family, the brother of the artist denied in an exclusive statement to "Al Watan" those words that said: "Mtrnash of them, and all lies, and the truth will emerge soon, God willing. "

The Ministry of Interior's security services monitored video pornography on the Internet and revealed the technical examination that the two Latin girls appear in the video are two Farouk and Shima Haj, their places of residence and arrest and transfer them to the public prosecution to investigate them.

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