Homophobic attack: two men kiss each other, their VTC driver beats them

A gay couple was attacked violently in the night from Sunday 14 to Monday 15 in the 12the arrondissement of Paris.

Two men, who had just ordered a VTC car, were defeated by their driver, who switched them off without mercy because they had just kissed each other.

He yelled at them that he was not wearing "People like that", and stopped his car before asking them, according to France Bleu Paris.

But while one of the victims wanted to open the trunk to pick up his bag, the attacker tried to stop him and hit him before he kicked his companion.

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The two men immediately complained to the police station of 12e Borough. They explained to the police that a visitor who had witnessed the scene had also spat on them.

An investigation has been opened. This is the fourth homophobic attack reported to the authorities in less than ten days in Paris.

The prefecture of the police nevertheless ensured that homophobic acts of this type were lower than in 2017 (74 attacks between January and September 2018, against 118 last year).

Rebellious and disgusted by these repeated aggressions, the associations SOS Homophobie and the Inter-LGBT launched a call for protest on Sunday 21 of the 17th place of the Republic in Paris, urging the government to take concrete measures to to combat acts of LGBT phobia.

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