"Homs Festival of Literature" honors Hassan Hosni for his role in "Rahim"

You look at the news of art – Festival "Hamsa of Literature" Honors Hassan Hosni for his role in "Rahim"
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Date: Tuesday 11 September 2018 03:42 AM

Paris News – "Hamsa" festival honors Hassan Hosni for his role in "Rahim"

05:00 p Tuesday, September 11

Books – Marwan Tayeb:

The management of the & # 39; Hamsa-festival for art & literature & # 39; has been honored by the artist Hassan Hosni for his role in the Rahim series as part of the sixth edition of the festival this year.

The prize came after the special committee meeting of the festival, including Egyptian filmmakers including the honorary president of the festival, Ezzat Abu Auf, director Ashraf Fayek, the jury chairman, cameraman Atef Bashay, festival director Amr Fathi al-Hosary and festival president Fathi al-Husari.

The festival will be held this year, named after the late "Farid Shawqi", and the ceremony will take place on Sunday 30 September.

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