Horoscope August 11: the day is full of passion and stormy experiences

Horoscope August 11: the day is full of passion and stormy experiences

Today the horoscope is literally full of fluids of passion and violent experiences. Changeability of mood, spontaneity of actions and feelings, brilliant eccentricity – all this can be a consequence of the electively emotional background of the day. Do not be surprised if many of those around you today are called "on the platoon", reacting abruptly to everything that happens around you. The stars are warned in this regard not to touch the feelings and interests of other people – this can end badly. But the day will warm up your ambition and ambition, helping you achieve success in your job, career and love.


The Aries should be prepared for the fact that people around will pay attention to it. Among them may be very important personalities, on which it depends a lot in the life and career of Aries. Knowing this, Aries should try today in every situation to show itself with the best possible side. But even if it were not so, it does not matter. The main thing is, be sure of yourself and your cheeky trust will be passed on to everyone.


Taurus needs to be held back, to communicate with close people, not to cross the limit. The day brings him to a quick temperament and a high self-esteem, thanks to which the Taurus is able to see the conflict even where there is no trace of it. In the same place where it is located, Taurus diligently inflates it to the limit: its ability to put pressure on the most painful points today at the height. Only the big question is: will such a victory bring satisfaction to Taurus himself? Almost. And if so, is it worth fighting?


The twins can experience a strong yearning for all that is new and unknown. Family things will cause them boredom, but the passion for new places, new acquaintances, new people will become acute. To satisfy this research itching, Gemini today needs something that goes beyond the ordinary. Let it be "just" a walk along the new road, a new book or a new dish in the menu – believe me, it's worth it!


Cancer will be prone to waste money. Although he is usually cautious about spending, his economy will fail, giving way to generosity and recklessness. Particularly generous Cancer is able to be for those who are dear to him – today he simply is not in a position to refuse anything. However, why sometimes do not give in to such a carefree impulse? You can tighten the belts and then. Today the cancer must follow his heart – but only within reasonable limits, of course.


The lion will be irresistibly doubled: first, in his eyes, and secondly – in the eyes of others, to whom his incredible self-esteem will pass. Charisma del Leone will help him today at work, at home and in communication with people. The main thing is not to bend the stick and not be transported: if others see that the Lion looks on them, his advantage will vanish like smoke, turning into an unforgivable fault.


The virgin will have a special magnetism, even against the will, attracting the attention of others to himself. To do this, he will not have to say anything special or do anything – his silence may prove to be no less intriguing than his words. The stars of a horoscope advise the Virgin to use it in her own interest. Familiarize yourself with the right people, give you support in some business. Or simply turn your head towards someone with a single smile and a firm look in your eyes.


The Brain of Libra is open to new ideas and the heart is for extreme emotions. It's a great day to get out of the usual "comfort zone" and try something new and clear. Nothing will excite the blood of Libra today compared to the balance of the usual and unusual, admissible and illegal. Flirt with a stranger? Unexpected offer? Extreme sports? Why not? Anything that is not forbidden, at least once in life you need to try!


All day long in the soul of Scorpio, tension and discontent can grow. People around him will lead him out of his own with his disorganization, and events will continue to escape control. In this case, this will not necessarily cause any real damage to the Scorpion. It can irritate the very fact that everything is going "bad", "not according to plan". To really download the tension of Scorpio today it is capable only of a powerful emotional wave. Any – it's a simple explosion of rage or a vortex of love passions.


All Sagittarius's most successful thoughts and projects will be connected with other people. Being in sight, in the course of events, gossip and rumors – this is the key to its success. It is possible that both today and Sagittarius, thanks to its greater sociability, energy and irresistibility, will be able to make many very useful acquaintances at the same time. Or take advantage of these qualities in a romantic setting, enchanting anyone who wishes to enchant.


Capricorn should be more careful: an acute conflict is possible! Capricorn will be configured in combat, reacting nervously and irreconcilably to everything that happens around. Because of this, sparks can jump between him and those around him, and there is a short distance from the storm. In order not to do things you will regret later, Capricorn today has to direct its energy on some useful channel. Something like "firewood for a month to be cut, a year to grind coffee". After such business enterprises will not be in a dispute.


The state of mind of Aquarius can infuriate, showing that "less", then "more". Anger, joy, sadness, indifference, benevolence, unexpected sympathy – every color and every nuance of emotions can change today with unprecedented speed. Some of them will be caused by external events, others – from the experiences of the Aquarium itself. In order not to become an obedient toy of one's feelings, Aquarius needs to control emotions today. Good, or at least try.


Pisces can spend a day in nonsense, but they themselves will not look like nonsense. The stars of the horoscope induce them to exaggerate the importance of every action and every word, that is, of everything that can be done from the grain of an elephant. It is not bad at work, however, in communication, the exaltation of Pisces can bring others out of oneself. Try to treat everything with a dose of humor, otherwise powerful emotions will simply make you snatch from the inside.


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