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Anger is one of the most important emotions of a person, so the ability to manage and direct it is a useful skill. Hot temperament and volatility, constant companions of anger and anger, are expressed to varying degrees in people, dictated by the horoscope. Editorial tells how every sign of the zodiac manifests itself in anger.


If Aries is angry, it affects everyone. They have a real fire inside, they are not against entering into a conflict and are not inclined to keep emotions to themselves. Their outbursts of anger may seem strange to hysteria, but Aries treats his emotions. Fortunately, the flash does not last long. They "shoot" in short bursts and as a rule, quickly and willingly forgive.


It takes a lot of effort to make a grounded Taurus angry. Representatives of this sign are as a rule stable and they are not easy to exchange, but if you push Taurus too hard, you may come across their hard side. If you want to annoy Taurus, then criticize all his achievements. It is sacred to them.


Sociable Twins love a good argument, but this love can become furious if their opinion is doubted. When they are angry, they will scream a lot and continue to argue until they are convinced they have won. Representatives of this sign also have a double character, so the consequences develop in two scenarios. They can either waste their time on ending the dispute, or almost immediately forgive, completely forgotten.


Cancer is very angry with all her emotions, whether it is sadness, happiness or anger. They may occasionally suffer from impale and tantrums, and this anger tends to affect all aspects of their lives. Emotions usually stay with them for a long time, because representatives of this sign have an excellent memory.


Leo is very concerned about what he looks like, so he usually stays calm and collected, even if he is angry. Most likely he will be angry if he feels that he does not get the attention and admiration he deserves. In extreme cases he can even try to bully a person unnoticed who made them angry with his indifference.


Virgos are usually calm and balanced, and not one thing can upset them. However, they are annoyed when people ruin or destroy their ideal plans. Dev & rd's anger stems from the need to keep everything under control. When they are really angry, they simply do not care about the person who upset them. Appearance remains cool, even if they burn inside.


Peace Support Libra will almost always do everything to control their anger. They prefer to be a neutral party in a dispute, but if they are forced to choose a position, they can be broken. Libra does not tolerate conflicts, so they will avoid disputes at all costs. If this happens, they will find a way to push the aggressor out of their lives so that they no longer have to deal with it.


Expressive scorpions are quickly annoyed. They tend to appreciate themselves and have only a few close friends, so the words of strangers can be misunderstood. The representatives of this sign also have a good intuition, they will quickly catch a lie, which they simply hate. Their anger is terrible, but it takes a long time and within a few hours they will forget the conflict. But it is only in appearance.

In anger, Scorpios can be very cruel: not to encounter insults, to try to touch the most embarrassing places of the perpetrator.


Sagittarius rarely gets angry because they do not dwell too long on the negative and constantly try to move forward. Representatives of this board, however, do not like it when they are limited in something and can not handle boring people. However, when they are angry, they mask it with their positive. But the situation is critical, be careful, because Sagittarius will be difficult and straightforward.


Capricorn always strive to do things well, and they can easily get angry if someone is bothering them. They care a lot about the quality of their work and they do not like it when they are questioned. When the representatives of this sign are angry, it is not always visible, because they bring these emotions into something productive.


Aquarius is known for his free spirit and the ability to go along with the flow, and things that are upset do not disturb the representatives of this sign. However, they do not like much when they are forced to do something out of the walking stick. Because he is very angry, Aquarius will not lose his temper, he rather uses a sharp tongue to put someone in his place.


Sensitive fish can become very angry. Instead of scooping out, they collect their anger and turn themselves back on. Even if it is completely someone's fault, the representatives of this sign will always consider themselves guilty. But if you make them angry, they come up with an original plan for revenge.

Perhaps the most terrible combination in an individual is anger and stubbornness. We offer to check that you are one of the most soothing representatives of the zodiac world.
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