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It was business when Dana O. Davis and David Johnson made their first conversations in 2016. Dana is a real estate agent and David was about to withdraw from the army and wanted to buy a home in his hometown, Jacksonville. The real estate transaction took place, but Dana and David never met in person. That is, until two years later, when both were in the same function. Dana had no idea that she was the same person she had worked with, yet there was something about him that caught her eye. "I said 'who's that? & # 39;" They forged a friendship that night, but Dana said it did not take long for him to fall in love. "I had never heard anything like this before anyone in my life." David heard it too. "The connection was instantaneous and has just grown from there."

They started dating and both immediately thought they had found their perfect couple. Dana said that David met all his requirements. "All the qualities you'd like to look for, he's all this and more, he's a gift, he's a blessing, it's a godsend, David is more than I could ask." David enjoyed talking about any topic . "We talk about everything, we respect the opinions of others, but when we have different opinions, we respect the perspective of the other."

They knew they wanted to be together forever, however, Dana was surprised when David proposed in August, only five months after they had started going out together. They had been at a preseason game of Jaguar and Dana had not noticed anything extraordinary. But after the game, he told her he had to talk to her about something. "She started to tell me how much she loves me and let out the ring." Will you marry me? "It was a breeze, of course I will marry you." David explained that it did not make sense to wait any longer. "We are in our 40s, I knew this was the woman I wanted to stay with for the rest of my life, why wait another day?"

David and Dana got married on December 15th in a spectacular open-air scenario at the Pukalani Falls in Hawaii. They had a two-part ceremony, starting with the traditional Hawaiian wedding. It included the officiant blowing in a shell, announcing the beginning of a new marriage. The officiant told the couple that the longer they kept the tune, the longer they would be married. Dana joked that it was good news that the song went on and on and on. "He blew on that shell shell for so long, I thought he would faint." Beautiful flowers of leis, which represent the gift of love, were also given away. For the second part of the ceremony they wanted a traditional Christian wedding, so they took their pastor from the Greater Works Church to Jacksonville to conduct the service. The pastor's wife also sang a moving interpretation of the Lord's prayer. Dana said he will never forget when he first saw David that day. "The way he looked at me was priceless." David had been stationed in Hawaii when he was in the army. "Going back and marrying with my soul mate there and trying it out with her was so special." I love the whole experience. "Dana's best friend and husband were the only other guests in Hawaii. They had a reception the following week in Jacksonville to include all their friends and family.

Dana said she is still amazed at having found love at first sight. "David is my soul mate and I knew it from the first time I saw him … Every day they remind me of it." David is now a middle school science teacher who feels so lucky to marry Dana. "She is the point of arrival of all my dreams and desires, and the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life."

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