"I do not speak like a gogol": Aya Nakamura does not want to explain her words anymore! - Swigg

Djadja, catchana, pookie, real djo, y & # 39; a R Aya & # 39; s lyrics Nakamura are full of words that are unknown to the general public. As often as the young singer from 23 year is invited to the television or interviewed by the press, she has to explain the lyrics of her songs. Some have discovered that a "Djadja " is a kind of liar, a speaker or "catchana " is a sexual position. But this weekend, the interpreter of behaviour went to the show clique Sunday from Mouloud Achour. The latter asked him again to give a definition of the words used in his tubes. Aya Nakamura was a bit ashamed and annoyed: " I already said it! Why do I have to repeat it? (Video below)

In the columns of the newspaper releasewho gave him a portrait, Aya Nakamura, whose real name is Aya Dianoko, therefore wanted to place the points on the "i". And with good reason, since the explosion in the music industry, many people are of the opinion that his level of French is limited or he accuses him of his unintelligibility. " I do not speak as a galley yet. there is rappers, they like it worse. What is surprising is the fact that I am a girl! " she defends herself. She even adds: " When a woman gives her opinion, we do not listen to her. When the man speaks, we say he is right, even if his idea is stupid ".

During his interview with our colleagues, Aya Nakamura also describes his technique for writing his songs. In great adepts of " toplining "A technique that consists of finding melodies while improvising for a microphone, but she recognizes that she is not" rather pro To know how and whether the words get married together. depends on what you do kiffes. It is the feeling. I never know before "She says. Anyway, she still succeeds. the album Nakamura is disk platinum. In addition, Aya Nakamura, which is also strong abroad, is mentioned in two categories for the following Victoires de la musique: album from Urban Music and the original song of the year with Djadja.


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