"I don't need her name knight dreams. I hate the liar."

Books – Mohamed Magdy:

The artist Mona Shalabi was a guest on Tuesday on the program of her happiness with the star Issaad Younis and presented on the Dmc channel, talked about her art and discussed some of her personal matters.

In the following lines we present you the most prominent comments from Shalabi during the program:

Mena Shalabi said she was annoyed by the many questions about her non-marriage so far: "I still need a silly thing to tell me when I see you at the House of Justice? .. Do you need to need it? But I started to understand the text of the daughters of Egypt by asking the question, "Normal."

She emphasized that every girl thinks and dreams of marrying a man who loves him and loves her and has children with him, because this is her human nature that fascinates me.

She refused to reveal the characteristics of her dream boy and said, "When I was growing up, I discovered that there was no need for her name, a dream boy and a dreamer."

She continued: "The most important need is good and good upbringing and education between the two people, because they will live between them and be involved in their married life and overcome obstacles and problems."

She explained: "I reject the man lying and arrogant and Avak and the plaintiff and the bad guy, so I reject them from Dwyer my personal life, you can't be a friend of these specifications."

She revealed the scenes of & # 39; Diamond Dust & # 39; and said: & # 39; The preparation of the film took three years and read the novel after the completion of filming the film. & # 39;

She pointed out that if she was given a big role but a sweet and sweet film, he considered Lea's challenge, and I represented honesty and honesty in my words, and I appreciate the audience despite his youth.

She announced that she will participate in a new film entitled "Silence Mata" with Ahmed Hilmi and Khaled Mari.

Regarding her relationship with singer Yusra, she said: "Super Hero is possible for me, I can keep a base and I have a problem and I have a superman and solve the problem."

She also expressed her happiness that the international artist of Egyptian origin Rami Malik received the Oscar, and said: "must explain the frankness of the heart in which people were so pleased with the joy of Mohammed Salah and Rami Malik."


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