I have always given my face: Gustavo Loza

I have always given my face: Gustavo Loza

In November of last year, actress Karla Souza said that she was raped by a producer at the beginning of her career. Two months later, the eyes of the public immediately turned to Gustavo Loza, with whom Souza had repeatedly worked, after Televisa had defined the maker of "Los héroes del Norte".

That same month (January) Loza started filming the second season of his series "Run coyote run". With all the attention and scorn he was subjected to, Gustavo confirmed that he had never thought of suspending the filming of the Fox series, because it would be such a thing to hide from it, when he knew he had nothing to hide. .

"The day after all these situations arose (with Karla Souza) I was on the set at seven o'clock in the morning, I spoke with all my team and we continued, because that's how things have to be solved, especially when that professionalism is present, I have always shown my face, so I think the situation was not uncomfortable, we worked perfectly, the show had to go on, "Loza explained during a meeting with the press.

Affects on a personal level
For eight months of all this situation, Gustavo said that although this controversy did not affect the performance he had at the head of the series to premiere his second season, he explained in person that he had been hit, but that he decided to go to that passage he lived.

"I've already talked about what to talk about, but it affects mood and especially my person, of course, but what I can tell you is that I've always received full and unconditional support from FOX (company that produces its series) and we did not interrupt the recordings for a moment, "he said.


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