I quail mother: the 10-year-old daughter Alsu made her first success

The youngest daughter Alsu followed in the footsteps of the singer. Michela, 10, recorded her first potential success. The Alsou shared daughter creativity on the page in Instagram.

"Parents can not usually evaluate their children objectively, it always seems that they are doing everything brilliantly … And this, I think, is normal, but this time, it seems to me not to overestimate and not exaggerate – it's very nice! There is already a stamp and an original way of execution! I am proud of you, my asterisk! "- Alsou signed the video.

Recall, in 2006, Alsou married a business man, Ian Abramov. Half of Moscow arrived on a wonderful holiday, and then the newlyweds flew to the island of Fiji. The couple has three children – the daughter of Safin and Michella, as well as the son of Raphael.

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