"I wanted to kill a black eye" ... Liam Nisson arouses widespread anger and cancels the presentation of his new film - the seventh day

LONDON (Reuters) – Actor Liam Nison's statement about his desire to kill a black man after his girlfriend was raped has led to controversy and even described racism as the premiere of his latest "cool chase" The start date of the ceremony.

Nison denied his accusation of racism and said that he "would like to open a broader dialogue on racism."

Organizers of the opening ceremony said they would not make photos or would hold interviews at the premiere of the film in New York.

Nison made his controversial remarks during a promotional ceremony for his new film, a thriller about his revenge, according to the BBC.

Nison said that the alleged rape took place a long time ago and that he heard about it after returning from a trip abroad. Nisoun then continued to talk aggressive racist language offensive with the aggressor.

& # 39; I had the incident with the rape quite exceptional, & # 39; said Nison, "but the immediate reaction was … I asked if you knew who he was and she replied no," Which colour? & # 39; She answered & # 39; It was black & # 39 ;.

"I was sitting around with a blackjack in the hope that someone would come close to me, I am ashamed to say so, and I went on for a week, hoping to get a black eye out of a bar and fight him. .. until I killed him ".

After extensive criticism, Nison said on ABC's "Good Morning America" ​​program: "I'm not racist."

"We all act as if we are observing the customs and traditions of society … and the same thing happens in my country, but sometimes when you just scratch that glance, you will find that racism and intolerance exist."