Iconic Property Showcased in ‘Brady Bunch’ for sale

Iconic Property Showcased in ‘Brady Bunch’ for sale

STUDIO City, CALIFORNIA &#8211 This is your opportunity to personal a part of the historical past of pop tradition.

The residence utilised for outdoor shots in &quotThe Brady Bunch&quot is for sale.

In accordance to Ernie Carswell&#39s internet site, the house is on the market place for $ one.885 million. The Los Angeles Occasions reviews that Violet and George McCallister bought the residence in 1973 for $ 61,000

&quotThis legendary house is the second most photographed residence in the United States after the White Home,&quot the list stated.

In accordance to Carswell, the house nevertheless draws in thirty-fifty followers each and every day, the Los Angeles Times described.

The house even his &quotThe Brady Bunch&quot was held from September 1969 to March 1974.

The inside of the residence did not show up in the vintage sitcom, and the format It has absolutely nothing to do with what viewers have witnessed on tv

But, the interior images even now display the decor of the 70s including floral wallpaper, paneled walls, and a classic &quotMusiCall&quot intercom method.

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