Illner to Merkel-Nachfolge: lack of symptomatic contents

  • Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is allowed to get rid of his candidacy words for the presidency of the CDU.
  • Wolfgang Kubicki gives the scoffers to the margins.
  • And the other guests did not contribute anything relevant to the program.

"We need to make a point here and quickly enough," says Maybrit Illner after an hour, and then the question is in the room, exactly where he would like to set the point. Behind a relaxed speech Thursday night, which has just touched the problems of almost every part, without even once going to the surface? Behind a winged exchange of talk show professionals who rattle off their statements with an admirable routine? Or behind Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's job interview?

"The situation is very serious"

Many in the SPD are tired of always having to consider the union in the coalition and "are no longer in the mood for compromise". Party leader Andrea Nahles calls potential rivals: who thinks he can do better, he should report.

Mike Szymanski interview

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When she is a candidate for the national presidency of the CDU and wants to be called to succeed Angela Merkel in December, she does not even need to go to the polls. Simply send the documents of this latest Maybrit Illner talk show to the delegates, and then they know how the general secretary is going, what he wants and what he can do. If the members of the group do not have time to look at the whole program, look at the Twitter timeline of the show, because we are meticulously listing most of the declarations of @_A_K_K_.

More than two dozen of his statements affect Illner's editors during the show. Every sentence halfway is immediately reflected and should pretend to be explosive, where in reality dominates the banal. "I have discussed a few times with Angela Merkel, and I can say from my personal experience: it can also be extremely noisy." This sentence appears twice. Potter thousand: the chancellor can also be noisy. Hammer message. So far, everyone has taken for granted that Angela Merkel has always had a whisper.

And then there is the commitment to have a whole series of electoral campaigns behind them. "In the end, people want someone to take them seriously, so I do not consider my chances to be bad." After all, documents that do not lack a firm will.

Maybe you should have written it since the beginning as a movie title on the show: "@_A_K_K_. He really wants it". Then you would have saved the contradiction between the main actress and the title really used. Law "New alliances, old fronts – what follows Merkel?" and seemed a little too neutral in the face of the fact that it was almost just Kramp-Karrenbauer. Obviously, the candidate wants to shake off exactly this, this supernatural, this accounting, this calculable, which leads people to think that they are boring.

In this regard, Illner is also difficult to show serious interest. When Kramp-Karrenbauer made his first statements with admirable precision, but largely without emotion in the room, the moderator is pleasantly lively. "We know this text from them, we are now becoming more concrete," he says. But unfortunately it does not become more concrete. Rather general, because you need a buzz after the other. Only, anchorage centers, insufficient state, diesel and minimum wage, all on offer. No difficulty for the applicant. Call his replicas off course.

Since the remaining guests do not disturb. These are only needed as reference stations for breaks in the conversation flow between Kramp-Karrenbauer and Illner. But it does not seem that the hostess really matters. He just always wants to know how things will go with them, if the CDU goes somehow, and, as you know, the CDU does not know how to proceed. The interviewees say that it depends on how it goes on, but that you do not want to depend on it. And then it's Kramp-Karrenbauer's turn again.

Lack of symptomatic contents

In the meantime, it is quite possible to see a certain disinterest in the main character that shines, as if nobody really took their candidacy seriously, as if everyone was already aiming for one of the other two candidates to win.

Obviously it is not right, but if Illner's editorial calls, then you go, even at the risk of announcing only some points of view. But then you can get rid of it before an interested public.

Kramp-Karrenbauer calls for greater rigor against delinquent asylum seekers

These must be refused not only to return to Germany, but to the entire Schengen area for life, says the presidential candidate of the CDU.

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As Wolfgang Kubicki almost as usual gives the Spielfeldrandspötter of the FDP, Janine Wissler of the left denounced injustice, and political advisor Michael Spreng misunderstands his role a little and interferes without being in moderation . You can say that he thinks he knows better. Everything. The president of Juso, Kevin Kühnert, almost lowers a little with his serious seriousness.

Symptom of the lack of salary is a brief dialogue on the future of the CDU. "He needs to consolidate in the Great Coalition", orders Spreng, causing Kubicki to lose a "How?" and gets a very succinct reply: "Making solid policies". Friend, it takes the explosion that the times when the CDU says they should make a reasonable policy. There would never have been anyone in the party itself.

But these guests are not anyway. This is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, whose application the moderator seems to find a little boring. "Can the chancellor?", He wants to know a little hard at some point, but at the end of the question he knows he will never get a satisfactory answer.

Shortly before the end, Kubicki then gives the partisans. "The Liberal Democrats fear neither death nor the devil", he says, giving the SPD another infallible suggestion: "Better to fight right than to languish".

At the latest at the point, the presenter is probably quite happy that someone has turned on the clock and the hour is the air rum. Illner looks into the camera and says the final sentence. "We have to make a point here and do it very quickly." In the end it is salvation.

The great possibilities of the CDU

The appearance of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer shows that the CDU will live an exciting and completely open competition for the presidency. At the same time, others suddenly seem very old.

Comment by Stefan Braun

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