"I'm gay." Member of Despierta América confesses his sexual orientation (VIDEO)

In a great act of courage, Luis Sandoval, a reporter for Despierta América, decided to share his sexual preferences with the followers of the program and nationally.

The Univisión employee used this Thursday's broadcast to reveal his homosexuality with an emotional message in the company of his companions Karla Martinez and Ismael Cala, who presented his book.

A video on the Instagram account of the morning resumed the moment when: "@luissandovaltv has the courage to reveal his sexual orientation at home and with his family, @despiertamerica, their testimony has touched us all and together we have them accompanied in their struggle to end bullying and attacks on the # LGTBQ community. "

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The comedian also said: "Today is a very important day for me, because today I decide to share my story publicly, ladies and gentlemen, I, Luis Sandoval, am gay".

Luis added through tears to feel happy with the support of his beloved: "I am happy, I am a full person, a respected person, I think respectable and I do not live in the closet, or my family knows, my friends know, I have a partner with whom I am happy and when I cry, because it is a very special moment for me ".

The resident of Nayarit said he felt responsible to help: "I felt that I should come to talk to more people who feel trapped, who do not know what is happening to them, children who are victims of bullying, mothers who are being afraid of rejecting their children, that's why I'm talking about this situation here today in this window and trying to clear the way for the new generations, it goes well, thank God, but there are many who are not. "

He added: "And if I did not have the support of my mother, my father, my sisters, my cousins, my partner, my friends, yours (take the hand of Karla Martinez while sobbing) that you were my older sister here in Despierta is America, of you Ishmael, Luz Mary of all of you who are here, Satcha (Pretto), if I did not have the support of all of you and of love I would not be here. "


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