Imran Khan denounces a new "tirade" from Trump against Pakistan

Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan condemned a new "tirade" of Donald Trump against Pakistan on Monday after the US president had said Sunday that Islamabad "did nothing" for the United States in its war on terror.

"This war left 75,000 victims in Pakistan and caused $ 123 billion in losses for the national economy," Imran Khan wrote in a series of tweets. "Our tribal areas have been destroyed and millions of people have been uprooted."

"This war has had a dramatic impact on the lives of ordinary Pakistanis," said the Pakistani prime minister, who described the $ 20 billion received by the United States as "small."

"We have to put things in context after Mr. Trump's tirade against Pakistan," said Imran Khan after Donald Trump on Sunday told Fox News that he had canceled hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Pakistan because "it does nothing, nothing, for us".

Washington has long accused the country of sheltering its territory from armed groups that then attack Afghan and US troops across the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In early January, the American president had already accused Pakistan of & # 39; lies & # 39; and & # 39; duplicity & # 39 ;, which joined the United States in 2001 in their war on terror. "It houses the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan," he had tweeted, regretting that his country had "stupidly given $ 33 billion in aid to Pakistan."

Pakistan continues to allow the delivery of the US Army in Afghanistan through its territory, also noted the head of the Pakistani government. "Mr. Can Trump call another ally that has sacrificed so much?"

Instead of making Pakistan a "scapegoat for their failure", the United States, which has been detained for 17 years in Afghanistan, could better try to understand "why the Taliban are stronger today than before," he said. Mr. Khan.

Donald Trump also told Fox that "everyone knows in Pakistan" that Osama bin Laden lived on Pakistani soil before he was killed by an American commando in 2011, which Islamabad has always denied.

Imran Khan did not respond to the remarks made by the American president about the former leader of Al Qaida.