In Spain, robbed one of the performers of the song Despacito :: Society :: RBC

In Spain, robbed one of the performers of the song Despacito :: Society :: RBC

One of the performers of the song Despacito Ramon Luis Ayalaa Rodriguez, known as Daddy Yankee, was robbed for over 2 million euros at the Cortes Valencianas in Valencia. This is reported by the publication of Las Provincias which refers to the singer himself. The theft was confirmed by the press service of the performer, I wrote in his Twitter portal Nevarez PR.

As the newspaper notes, money and jewelry were stolen from the safe in his room, including diamonds, a gold chain and $ 2,500 in cash. The incident was investigated by the Spanish police.

According to Las Provincias, the thieves left no traces and most likely looked at the singer to find out which room in the room would stop, because the others had his acquaintances. It is also assumed that the attackers entered the hotel room using the access cards. In addition, the version that the thief presented as an artist was advanced, and the hotel clerk opened the room, and then the intruder stole jewelry and money hiding. The police assume that he did not leave any traces, because at the time of the theft he wore gloves.

The forces of the Spanish order have begun an investigation into what has happened. They interviewed the hotel staff and watched the surveillance camera records.

Ramona Luis Ayalaa Rodriguez is a singer from Puerto Rico. She sings in the style of reggaeton, which originated in Latin America under the influence of hip-hop, reggae and dancehall. He recorded the famous song by Despacito with the performer Luis Fonsi. The video was published on You Tube on January 12th. At the moment on You Tube, it has collected 5.4 billion views. Rodriguez is also a winner of awards such as "Grammy" and MTV Video Music Awards.

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