In the big bazaar of memory

The puppeteer Michel Laubu and his henchman Turak Theater, Emili Hufnagel, drive an absurd and poetic journey to the land of lost memories.

Uncertain Mr Tokbar

by Michel Laubu and Emili Hufnagel (Turak Theater)

On tour until May

Anyone who has never visited "Turakie", the imaginary land that was invented by Michel Laubu thirty years ago, exposes himself to a strange feeling of change of scenery. The puppeteer can start his show with a vocabulary lesson, which is supposed to make the viewer familiar with his erratic language, he will not always be solved or never understood.

This makes him a common point with Tokbar, whose memory goes into confetti. If he remembers that he is a 'motorcycle'. has, it is impossible for this retired historian to remember where he parked – "Where he strayed"… Anyway, he can not find the keys to his machine, disappeared deep into his pocket. He does not really know how old he is. The better, it will be his birthday every day!

A foolproof smile

For this man whose past clings to Post-it, Michel Laubu has formed one of the soft and grotesque masks of which he has the secret. Around face like the moon, eyes pinched, big ears in cabbage, Tokbar exhibits an infallible smile. Because life is a joke, he laughs.

SLIDOW – the great turkey parade by Michel Laubu

The frozen expression sometimes evokes the hilarious faces of the Chinese painter Yue Minjun, who, like him, split up into the infinite. And wriggling with laughter, perhaps to better hide their helplessness in a world with a shortage of gasoline "Out of sense"suggests the puppeteer, fond of polysemy.

A memory is colander

Author, sculptor, actor and director, Michel Laubu, with his accomplice Emili Hufnagel, the brilliant and somewhat crazy craftsman of a recycled object theater, is a "Kingdom of the knitting" where wheels, pipes and pieces of rope produce miracles. We speak less with words than with sounds and sounds.

Most of the communication goes through the body and sets, such as the dozens of refrigerators that are stacked on stage. Tokbar keeps his memories fresh, which one after the other appear as devils of a box, and then lead their own lives, autonomously.

As you walk through a large picture book, this show wanders through a memory that has become a colander. a "Funny Sacred Bazaar" populated by rooster heads and seahorses on lawnmowers, Hannibal or King Arthur. Not to mention explosions, horse racing, rocket games. Happy who as a spectator ofUncertain Mr Tokbar made a nice trip in "Turakie" …

Jeanne Ferney