Info here - DALS 9: Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette are in pairs!

Admire since the beginning of the dance with the stars 9, Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette are in love! A very nice romance, which you can discover the first steps in pictures, in your magazine Here on Friday, November 9th.

This is no longer a doubt: Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette are more than partners in samba, tango and other cha-cha-cha. Since September 29, while he took his first steps on the floor of Dance with the stars 9, the tandem is in the spotlight. If their respective strengths were sufficient to become heads, it was especially their rapprochement that all eyes fixed on them. Since the end of the summer, the beauty queen is single. As free as the sky, she only had to fly in the arms of her beautiful dancer … what she did.

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Like Alizée who had fallen for her dance partner Grégoire Lyonnet – while the season 4 of DALS, in 2013 – before he married him June 18, 2016, a wind of love blew up again Dance with the stars. As we reveal in your magazine here is, in kiosks since that Friday 9 November, Iris Mittenaere and Anthony are in love, and it shows! If we could discover them very sensibly during their performances or during their rehearsals, the two darlings of the audience now have a hard time hiding their feelings outside the studio. It is also in the middle of the Lille train station that the young woman and the fopped appeared closer than ever. Hand passed in the hair, tender kiss on the head, looks what says a lot: it is very simple, it lacks more than a few Dabadabadaand you would believe it! A series of photos that can only be found in your favorite magazine … and that, we buy!