Info here - Karine Ferri angry at the prick & # 39; Dance with the stars after his difficult start

The return of Karine Ferri to the co-animation of Danse with the stars starts badly. Less stressed than Camille Combal, disappointed by the benefits, she was openly explained with the production to have more space in the show.

On September 29, Karine Ferri took her first steps as a co-presenter on the floor of Dance with the stars. Finally, on the floor … must be said quickly: it is mainly his partner Camille Combal who enters the stage, closer to the jury and the advantages. Isolated in his red room with the candidates she is a much less prominent person than the former C8 columnist. And this has made the viewers clear: if Camille Combal is unanimous on social networks, it is clear that Karine Ferri receives few compliments. Worse, it is even sometimes addressed by internet users. What reminds him of bad memories: this summer, his show Honey, loyal to me now the public had put pressure on TF1 and earned him many critics.

"Karine Ferri is angry with herself"

unavoidable, the first negative return her advantages pushed her to question herself. As a source of production tells us, it is not going strongafter his first two bonuses: " Karine is stressed and dissatisfied of his services. She is angry with herself, but also with production that does nothing to help her. Indeed, the facilitator suffers from a lack of presence on the screen. In this ninth season the presentation mechanism of Dance with the stars has changed and she have no benefit at all from Karine Ferri.

In previous editions, the candidates' figures were announced by the animator who was placed in the red room. But this year it is Camille Combal who takes care of it. " We were really inspired by the rhythm of the American version, had explained Tele-Loisirs Deborah Nahon, director of entertainment at TF1 Productions. Going to the red room takes a lot of time and there was not much to do except the discovery of the nuts. If the show has won in rhythm, Karine Ferri has achieved a huge amount lost in airtime. A point that made many people laugh. " Disappearing disappearance. We are actively looking for a host on TF1 who together should host Dance with the stars called Karine Ferri "For example, it was read on Twitter.In Touch not on my post, Cyril Hanouna summarized the situation with humor: " It is not Karine Ferri, it was Karine who did nothing. "

Karine Ferri warns the production of dance with the stars

Disappointed, the facilitator defended his interests : " She informed the company that she was not at all satisfied with her time at DALS, explains a source close to production. She said that if it went on, it was useless that she was there and she refused to do figuration. His wishes were heard. Deborah Nahon insured Tele-Loisirs we should see her a bit more later in the red room: " We want more things to happen. There has been the message of world champions, children of Pamela Anderson … This is an important moment in the rankings, there may be relatives, magneto-surprises … "More details in the new issue of here iscurrently on kiosks.