Interceltic. An edition 750,000 revelers – Brittany

Interceltic. An edition 750,000 revelers – Brittany

The Great Interceltic Parade was a success, with 70,000 spectators.
The Great Interceltic Parade was a success, with 70,000 spectators. (Jonathan Konitz)

With its XXL format, the Festival interceltique Lorient jealously defends its status as an international event. "This is not the party in the village", hammered the direction that announced Sunday, 750,000 revelers for this 48is edition and new projects to be carried out before welcoming Galicia, in 2019.

"It's raining holy water". As soon as he arrived at the press conference on Sunday, Guy Gestin smiled. The president of Le Fil, who came back from the interminister Sunday mass, did not have to light a candle. But only to open his umbrella. A few moments before, Lisardo Lombardia, director general of the festival, has created a first positive image of this event.is edition under the sign of the Welsh dragon. On this closing Sunday, only the slate-colored sky was grumpy. The first figure dropped – between 750,000 and 800,000 spectators, according to the organization – set the tone for a "deemed successful" edition by its director. Including on security. If the topic of safety had caused cold sweats last year, the new configuration of the site was, this time, proof of the festival goers. And heat wave, surprise guest.

The return of the Dome in 2019?

What should we remember? Different satisfactions, depending on the direction, starting from the Breizh stadium (near Moustoir) which states "as a point of reference, we were scared", confesses Guy Gestin but "the bet has increased by including the delocalized Celtic village". Without providing figures, the restoration is "in the nails". With a mention for the Blue Terrace on the docks, the space reserved for seafood: one of the (r) evolutions of this edition, the place Celtes, has been more commented. The central space (Acadia, Scotland, Galicia and Wales) has undeniably played the role of catalyst for the party, but the lack of site development has been reported. Just like flow management. "We have to study the set design, the decorations," the director acknowledged, arguing however that this key edition was worth testing. "We do not do what we want in public space, nor with the city of Lorient". Allusion to the free Grand Parade of the Celtic nations, a success to 70,000 people but with 9,500 paying entries to the stadium. Another topic taken into consideration: the lack of connection between the Place Jules-Ferry and the Breizh stadium. Lisardo Lombardia is conducting a campaign for the return of the dome on the town hall square. The file is burning. Once lifted, the structure (too expensive) has since been in discounts. With regret of the director who also put on the table the project to create a festival house.

Less tickets, more badges

No data on ticketing, due to a computer failure, but a downward trend compared to the forecast. Sometimes we played sold out (Tiersen, the evening of Wales, creation Sonj …) or almost (Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita, Denez Prigent …), with Interceltic Nights seducing the audience (6 300 to 7,300 spectators per night ). Big apartments, however, in the two Wire rock evenings, Thursday and Saturday nights with only 1000 tickets for the Welsh leader, the Manic Street Preachers. A disappointment passed a little quickly in silence. But compensated by the crowd that has invaded the streets of the center. The badge has improved compared to 2017 (over 80,000 sales), "the obvious sign of support for festival goers". The direction now looks towards 2019 and Galicia, the guest of honor. With the ambition to bring the flame chosen internationally. "It's not a country fair," says Guy Gestin, pointing to the repeated absence of important national representatives. Starting from the Minister of Culture, seen in July at Les Vieilles Charrues.