Iris Mittenaere: her common point with Brigitte Macron to escape the paparazzi

To escape the goals of the overly urgent photographers, Iris Mittenaere found a parade similar to that of the president and his wife Brigitte Macron.

A return to the sources to protect themselves. Iris Mittenaere was born in Lille and has triumphed internationally but do not forget where she came from. The young woman recently met her fans at a bookstore in Lille to hand out copies of her book with the title Always believe it. At the request of the Parisian, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2015 is back in his career and his fear of paparazzi. The beautiful, who participates Dance with the stars, luckily found a way to escape them by mimicking the presidential couple.

When he called for Emmanuel Macron during the second round of the presidential election, the former Miss Universe released an anecdote that brought her closer to the First Lady. "Like them, I went to Le Touquet with my family to escape the paparazzi, which is our refuge»she explained to our colleagues. The tenants of the Elysée retire as soon as possible in their luxurious villa of the seaside resort to rest for a while. A real oasis of peace, also taken over by Iris Mittenaere.

"On some days I am bothered from morning to night" also said the new presenter of Ninja Warrior. It must be admitted that this student has dented the world since her first steps on a stage and has attracted the attention. A growing celebrity that Iris Mittenaere seems to resist.

Photo & # 39; s: CVS / Bestimage