Is it time to start worrying about "It: Chapter Two"?

This: the second chapter may already be in trouble after the publication of a potentially revealing tweet.

Andy Muschietti's adaptation of it delighted the public in 2017 and it is not over yet. It was announced at the beginning that the director's interpretation of the feature-length film will cover two features and we are so ready to see his vision complete. The first film was one of the best horror films of the year with a phenomenal young cast in his heart; that's why it worked so well. However, the second installment – It: Chapter Two – will follow the Losers & Adult Club as they return to the fictional town of Derry to defeat the monstrous force that presented itself as Pennywise in the first film.

These may be problems, since the 1990 TV miniseries of the same name have adopted a similar approach, with the second half turning into adulthood and suffering from it. The characters did not have the charm they did when they were young and it was easy to believe they were scared of children. Muschietti's film had good performances and creativity, but it did not have any scary material. The second film needs a central cast and must absolutely scare to offer fans a worthy following. On the other hand, a recent tweet emerged suggesting that the film has other urgent concerns:

Now this can not be taken exactly as a fact. For beginners, if this Twitter user did, in fact, see It: Chapter Two so it was probably a first screening test, which typically offers to help shape the final film rather than indicate how it will actually be. So, if the cut they saw was three hours, there is no reason to suppose that the final cut that we will have to see in the cinemas will adapt to this length. However, it is more likely than most may think.

The first was a solid and pleasant work. These are two pressing problems: lack of fear and length. At 135 minutes it was a little pulled out and could surely be reduced to a comfortable 115 minutes for a more efficient and polished horror vehicle. The sequels often tend to be longer and, as it should be, the final chapter, we can expect Muschietti to be a little indulgent with the farewells. With this in mind, we are already looking at something like a 150 minute runtime, but it could easily be longer. There is no evidence that this tweet contains any truth, but its indication of the length of the film is hardly credible.

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The success of the first film attracted names like Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader as protagonists of the project. It seems likely that with the bigger stars the film will take a more ambitious attitude towards the original material and this could certainly reflect on the length of the film. Personally, the idea of ​​a version of almost three hours of It: Chapter Two It seems a little excessive. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will not surprise me with a reasonably long cut – surely it could justify this runtime. We'll just have to wait and see, but come on, where's this trailer already?

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