Jacquie, daughter of Jenni Rivera, has an impact with her voice in the networks

Jacquie, daughter of Jenni Rivera, has an impact with her voice in the networks

Jacquie Rivera, daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera, he had already shown himself as a singer social network, and do it again when you play "Let me go", The success of Jesse & Joy. What you get with it is incredible.

Jacquie Rivera receive excellent comments after singing the success of Jesse & Joe. The interpretation of the subject is worthy of a standing applause. In several news portals we talk about how Jacquie listens well when she intones her in his style.

The young woman did not want to show up at all in social networks, often, and this time it does fascinate and excite users in social networks. Jacquie He repeatedly showed his taste for Christian music.

Surprisingly, Jacquie uploads a song from the Jesse & Joy group "Me Soltaste" to her YouTube channel, and the audience reacts successfully to her favor. The video, which lasts 3:42, has exceeded 70 thousand views, as well as hundreds of positive comments.

Many gods fan of Jenni Rivera compares the talent of the young woman with her famous mother, and there are those who claim to have overcome in various talents and voices different members of her controversial family.

Jacquie Rivera may surprise very soon that she is completely dedicated to music and launches herself as a singer, under the protection and support of a record company.

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