James Bond: Richard Madden new candidate for Daniel Craig's estate

VIDEO – While the recordings of the 25th mission have not yet begun, the 32-year-old British actor, a returning Games of Thrones, is now at the top of the list of postulants in the role of the super agent of his gracious Majesty.

James Bond 25 has just found a director in the person of Cary Fukunaga who continues speculation about the estate of Daniel Craig as 007. According to our English colleagues from the Dailymail , it would now be the young British actor Richard Madden, a returning ex-hero of the triumphant series Games of Thrones, who would stick the rope with bookmakers and – this is most important – Barbara Broccoli the historic producer of the saga.

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The English newspaper carefully examines all leaks regarding the destination of the best agent of his gracious Majesty, who is considered a real national treasure over the English Channel – understands that the young first actor of today bodyguard, the hit series of the BBC, is expected to be received by Eon Productions in the coming days.

The domain of Daniel Craig has been the subject of all fantasies for three years now. Enthusiasts of the Bondian gesture have thus been able to construct all theories. Will 007 become a woman? The name Emily Blunt has long been buzzing but this statement has just been reversed. Could James Bond be played by a black comedian? Idris Elba has been popular for a long time. …

Only one person really knows the fate of 007, Barbara Broccoli. If she receives the promising Richard Madden in the coming weeks, the fate of the 26th James Bond will be thrown.

bodyguard, a very popular series from the BBC, with Richard Madden