James Bond: Rumor Mill – Is Idris Elba Daniel Craig Replaces?

James Bond: Rumor Mill – Is Idris Elba Daniel Craig Replaces?

London –

It would be the Hollywood sensation of the year!

For some time there have been rumors about a possible "James Bond" successor to Daniel Craig. And even before he even announced his departure as 007.

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Some candidates are considered as possible candidates. There was already talk of Henry Cavill (35, "The Tudors"), Tom Hardy (40, "Peaky Blinders"), Michael Fassbender (41, "Inglorious Bastards"), Tom Hiddleston (37, "Avengers"), Damian Lewis ( 47, "Homeland") and Idris Elba (45, Avengers: Infinity War).

Powered speculations

This last really fueled speculation about his occupation. On Twitter, the 45 year old wrote six words that led his fans to rest.

Based on the most famous quote from the Bond series, he says: "My name is Elba, Idris Elba".

If Elba really had to become the next James Bond, it would be a real sensation and revolution! In the end, Elba would become the first dark-skinned 007 agent in history.

But only a short time later, the actor released a photo of the rap group "Public Enemy" and mentioned their song "Do not Believe the Hype". So it was just a joke?

Pierce Brosnan has put Idris Elba into play

The former Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, said in an interview in 2015 that his Majesty's spy could soon be interpreted as "a great black actor": "Idris Elba definitely has the stature, the 39. appearance and presence to do it. "

Elba won a Golden Globe for her role in the British detective series Luther and a nomination for her starring role in Mandela – The Long Road to Freedom. He also starred in several films "Thor" and "Avengers".

Next to a possible black James Bond arrives next year, another James Bond film with Daniel Craig in the lead role. It is expected to be Craig's last appearance as a secret agent.

It remains exciting.



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