Jean-Michel Jarre brings his case to European justice

Jean-Michel Jarre brings his case to European justice

The musician Jean-Michel Jarre has seized the European Court of Human Rights (CEDU), after a decision by the French justice that deprived him of the inheritance of his father, Maurice Jarre, winner of three Oscars for the music of the films "Lawrence of Arabia", "Doctor Zhivago" and "The Road of India".

"My sister Stéfanie and I bring our case to the European Court of Human Rights, for Failure to respect family rights and for excessive interference with our legal certainty", wrote the pioneer of electronic music in a forum to be released Friday, August 10 in Parisian. "The Jarre / France request was introduced on March 21, 2018," said a spokesperson for the ECHR, based in Strasbourg.

In September 2017, the Court of Cassation, in one case with many similarities to the inheritance of Johnny Hallyday, decided to disinherit Jean-Michel Jarre and his sister, knowing that his father had organized his estate according to the law . California. Died in 2009, Maurice Jarre had left all his property to his last wife through a "family trust", a legal structure provided by the Californian law.

"The right of the heirs is not just a question of money, it concerns areas that are much more important than the protection of family ties and, for creators, the moral rights of artists", says Jean-Michel Jarre, in his platform "Prohibition to have access, if desired, to a photo, to a personal effect of his father or mother. It's shocking, "says the 69-year-old musician.

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