Jennifer Aniston is 50 years old: "collector" and rare images of the glamorous icon

To celebrate this beautiful birthday, Disney Co offers you to (re) discover its beautiful red carpet for twenty years (to be seen in our slideshow), but not only. Back to the debut of Jen with a series of truculent videos dating back to the years & # 90;

His debut in the TV movie Camp Cucamonga as a monitor, one of his first interviews for Show tonight to promote the series Ferris Bueller (adapted from the film Crazy Day by Ferris Bueller), his appearance in the cult series Quantum code, his performance in the Windows 95 video manual with Matthew "Chandler" Perry and his advertising for the Lynx deodorants (Axis in France): irresistible videos that show that the years have passed, but the charisma of Jennifer Aniston has not made a round!

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