Jennifer Aniston's private jet forced to make an emergency landing while heading for Cabo

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston was headed to Cabo today for a birthday trip, but E! The news can confirm that the star's private jet had a problem while in flight and had to go back.

The fifty-year-old actress, along with everyone else on the plane, landed safely.

One source confirmed that both Courteney Cox is Molly KimmeI was also on the plane with Aniston.

Meanwhile, an FAA spokesperson says to E! The news, the plane, with "N729TY tail number, lost a wheel or tire as it departed from LAX." The plane left without incident and took a turn near the Ontario International Airport. (ONT) to burn fuel ".

Adding: "The plane landed on ONT without incident, with the gearbox lowered, shortly after 14:00".

The Ontario International Airport is located approximately 60 miles east of LAX.

"The planned destination of the aircraft was Cabo San Lucas," confirmed the FAA spokesperson.

However, an insider tells us that she and her guests are ready to embark on another flight to head to Cabo.

Aniston mentioned his fear of flying before. During a 2013 interview with the UK show Lorraine, He admitted, "Fly, you can not get a big enough drink and it does not help, actually I have improved a lot …"

A year later, the London Free Press reported the flight experience of the fifty year old star during the promotion Horrible Bosses 2.

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox

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He overcame some of his fears when he got on his British Airways flight.

Explains: "He said" Flying With Confidence "and I was like," I would like to fly safely-hurt ", so, after the meal … I light up this video and this delightful pilot of the British Airways comes on and only begins to speak with this beautiful voice of how "my safety and comfort are their highest priority", and the turbulence is "just like a bumpy road, completely safe".

Adding, "In the end … he says," Our flight staff is completely prepared for heart attacks, panic attacks, births … "and now I'm really crying … I get up and I'm in the galley with everyone who goes like, "Hello, so I have a real fear of flying …" and they give you all this TLC: they control you. "

This news comes days after the Dumplin The actress celebrated her important birthday on February 11th. The star celebrated with friends gal Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. However, the most amazing guest was Brad Pitt, who stopped by his party.

"Jen came alone but was thrilled to get in," a source told E! News. "Brad also arrived alone in a baseball cap and hid inside with his long-standing security details at his side."