Jennifer Lopez, a "boss by chance" still connected to the "working class"

Be one of the stars more famous and important Hollywood he has not turned away from his humble beginnings for Jennifer Lopez, who in presenting the comedy "Second law" he said he still feels very good connected with the streets and the work environmentand New York who has seen him grow up

"I feel like the working class, it still breaks my shoulders, working, ok?" He joked the actress of Latin origin in a small meeting with the media in which EFE participated.

"Look, I lived in the Bronx until the age of 23 or 24 … It's like I'm Italian and just because you do not live there does not mean you're very Italian: it's what you are. I lived there, and even after traveling around the world and now I live in Los Angeles (USA), I'm still a Bronx girl, all the way down, "he said.

López (New York, 1969) interprets the comedy with emotional tones "Second Act", under the direction of Peter Segal and with a cast in which they also appear Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia and Leah Remini.

"Second law" focuses on Maya, a woman of Latin origin who works tirelessly in a supermarket but whose leaders do not recognize their effort and their value.

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However, Maya's life takes a turn 180 degrees when he gets an interview in a multinational company where he will try to show that the wisdom of the street is at least as good as the one taught in the classrooms of the universities.

"I think it's true and that many people know it's true, that's why I think people will identify with the film. Harvard or Duke or at these universities great become intellectual, "he argued actress.

"So you have to find your way if you're talented, if you're smart and ambitious. You must find your way if you do not have these opportunities for your parents or if you do not get a scholarship"he added.

On the other hand, Lopez explained that in this film they tried to combine the entertainment of a comedy with a series of deeper messages.

"We had all these themes for the movie and you never know if they will come out at the end, but it was fun because they all, i inspiration, committing mistakes or second chances, he survived in the room mounting"he said.

With a very feminine cast, Lopez shares scenes with Leah Remini, who in real life is a great friend of the actress, and with Vanessa Hudgens, which he called "adorable" and "a little sister for her" and to whom he gave some advice during the shoot.

"I'm always like a mentor, a mother … I'm very motherly by nature," he said.

López, who also puts his granite on the soundtrack of the film with the song without limits (Without limits), he said "Second law" it can contribute to the recent rise of feminism so that women "find their voice".

In this sense, he admitted that at the beginning of her race It cost him to evaluate his results and said that, in the end, he was able to appreciate that he is where he is thanks to his merits.

"Now I feel that this is what I do, that it's not like a mistake, you're good, you realize what you're worth," she said to herself to conclude.