Joey King & # 39; s Young Hollywood 2019 Interview on "The Act" by signing up for voting and shaving his head

Joey King's remarkable acting curriculum can be intimidating. But sit in the same room with her and she will make you feel at home. The young and bubbly performer has worked tirelessly since her first television role, guest of honor The Suite Life by Zack and Cody. Since then, she has appeared in the music video for "Mean", Taylor Swift's song, and has visited shows like Fargo is The flashand has fascinated the legions of new fans after playing in Netflix's success The cabin of kisses.

Recently, Joey has been busy with her role as a transformer on Hulu L & # 39; act, an anthology of crime based on the story of real life by Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Joey plays Gypsy, a young woman who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after her mother was found stabbed to death in 2015; Gypsy is serving a 10-year prison term. His mother, Dee Dee (played by Patricia Arquette), suffered from Munchausen's syndrome by proxy and had allegedly abused his daughter by making her ill for years to get sympathy and attention. (Gypsy's boyfriend at that time was then convicted of first-degree murder.) Joey is almost unrecognizable as Gypsy, after shaving his head and wearing large, wide-rimmed glasses for the part.

Along with his work on the long-awaited series, Joey has also worked on InBetween, a supernatural love story recently taken over by Paramount Players in which it will star is production. There is almost nothing in which Joey is not already a queen. In the ambit of Teen VogueThe Young Hollywood Class of 2019, has opened her life on doing justice to the history of Gypsy, becoming more and more passionate about politics, and more.

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Teen Vogue: As a representative of the young Hollywood, what parts of you as a performer are you hoping to see more in Hollywood in general?

Joey King: I'm a great person. I love getting to know people before making judgments, knowing their story. I find that when I work a lot on sets, I meet the most interesting people. Not just people who are producers, directors or actors. The crew is such a vital part in making anything happen, and therefore truly knowing those people and respecting these people is a huge thing that I want to see more. I want to see people respecting others around them, because we all have work to do and every job is as important as the next.

TVSo far, what was the biggest challenge to show you in Hollywood?

JK: I just want to show people that what I do is so important to me, it does not matter what kind of role it is. I want to show people that I can play any kind of role. That I can take anything and in fact just go to 110%. The biggest challenge in proving myself is being able to get those roles and certain characters that really manage to show the range I have and I want to show.

TV: Your social media follow more increases later The cabin of kisses. What did you learn about having a huge platform of over 8 million followers on Instagram?

JK: I feel very fortunate to be able to have a voice that people care about listening to, but it's a big responsibility, you know? I want to set a good example for people, but at the same time I just want to show them a good time, so I try to do a little bit of both. Mainly I just try to be myself, and as a cliché and stupid as it seems, I feel like it's the most important thing, because I want people to be themselves in real life or on their Instagram platforms or anywhere.