JoeyStarr: threatened by Cyril Hanouna, he wants to reveal all the text - Mouv

Tue 05 February 2019 by stone Gaurand

In war for several months, even years, Cyril Hanouna and JoeyStarr sent a lot of kicks at the moment and it is not going to stop... Whether on the networks or in the show TPMP the two enemies are no mercy. The facilitator even suggested a fight with Joey, Yann Barthès and Alain Chabat... at the same moment !

But clearly last week it went even further, because Cyril had sent him text messages of threats and half of NTM is planning to reveal everything in the coming days, to display it properly as it should. Anyway, this is what he said about his Insta story by mocking Hanouna with the word & # 39; fear & # 39; that is written about.

And next week you are entitled to hanouna & # 39; s threats by texting & # 39; and............. FEAR !!!!!!

Story Insta JoeyStarr VS Cyril Hanouna
Story Insta JoeyStarr VS Cyril Hanouna

The media audience would have received one of the text messages, accompanied by the famous video of the rapper who hits an ape in 2002... And it is pretty salty !

A man who defeats women and animals is a shit, I do not respect him. I will teach you how to tap the monkeys and the flight attendants.

The sequel to the next episode !