Johnny Hallyday: Adeline Blondieau sells her wedding dress, discover her estimate

Johnny Hallyday: Adeline Blondieau sells her wedding dress, discover her estimate

Adeline Blondieau auctions various items from her life with Johnny Hallyday. A collection consisting of various gifts from the singer to his ex-wife, but also the wedding dress of the one who shared the life of the rocker in the early 90s. The latter should sell at a nice price on October 20 …

Less than a year after the death of Johnny Hallyday, Adeline Blondieau decided to clean up her life. The former woman of the singer separates many objects from his idyll with the famous rocker. In 1990 Adeline Blondieau was only 19 when she married the idol of young people. Five years of a history of ups and downs will follow, as the couple will divorce for the first time in 1992, for a second marriage in 1994 and a second divorce the following year. This tumultuous love affair ended years later with a complaint for rape filed against Johnny Hallyday by his ex-partner.

The relationship between Adeline Blondieau and the Taulier has been more than tense in recent years, but it is still a moving message that the former star of Under the sun wrote to declare his choice to divorce the property that connected her to her ex-husband. In the foreword of the catalog of an auction organized by Drouot on October 20, Adeline Blondieau entrusts without limitation the death of Johnny Hallyday: "I was overwhelmed by a grief that was much bigger than I had expected, death changes our view of the past, driving us to forgive, turn a page to keep only the best."

The death of Johnny Hallyday allowed the 47-year-old actress to return "Passionate history" that she lived with the star of the song. An introspection that led Adeline Blondieau to make a big decision: "I took the time to understand who I was married to, I shared memories with those who knew him, so I could understand what I wanted to remember from our story." The ex-wife of the interpreter of That I love you explained "That the intimate" and put the rest"Available for his audience".

Items sold by Adeline Blondieau include her wedding dress. A piece of history for every fan of Johnny Hallyday, which is not accessible to all budgets. We discover this at the Drouot site the party n ° 175 of the sale is estimated between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. The ex-wife of the rocker also decided to divorce with different jewels, including a pair of Cartier earrings, estimated between 1,500 and 1,800 euros or a gold watch whose estimate reached 2,200 euros. Fans who are less fortunate can fall back on a red bandana, which was used as an invitation to the birthday of Adeline Blondieau February 9, 1990, which buyers must find at the sum of 200 euros.