Justin Bieber said, because he burst into tears in front of the bride

Justin Bieber said, because he burst into tears in front of the bride

The singer explained what happened to him that day in the park.

During one of the bicycle rides with his bride, Haley Baldwin, Justin Bieber suddenly left his vehicle, sat on the sidewalk and burst into tears. Haley stroked his head and could not stop crying. The paparazzi have captured this moment and the fans have asked many questions. Despite the fact that the day after the couple behaved as if nothing had happened, the journalists decided to find out why Justin burst into tears in front of his bride in the park. He said he had just had a bad day, like any other person, and his nerves could not bear it. And Haley, who was there, tried to calm her boyfriend and cheer him up.

Previously, fans assumed that the marriage between Bibera and Baldwin had already occurred, as was evident from Haley's photography who had changed the engagement ring in an engagement ring. Fans await the ceremony and are therefore building multiple theories.

As for the former girl Justin, Selena Gomez, then, according to the fans, the news of the marriage of the former lover made her fall heavily, while she hoped to regain the romantic relationships.


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