Kanye West was silent before a question

Kanye West was silent before a question

Kanye West he was practically speechless when asked about his opinion on the treatment of the president Donald Trump to the families of migrants who have been separated at the border.

In a live interview before a national audience, the husband of Kim Kardashian West he was interrogated crowbar Kimmel in his ABC night show.

There, the bearded comedian asked him everything, how he felt when he learned that his wife would meet alone with the president Donald Trump in the White House, even if you're still watching porn on the Internet.

But the subject that most interested Kimmel was, of course, the controversial relationship between the rapper and the president, who had met in person and publicly declared their mutual admiration.

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Kanye walked through the branches and preferred to talk about the subject in fairly abstract terms referring to "love" to "fear" to "respect", without giving concrete answers.

But Kimmel did not remove his finger from the line and said directly: "There are families that are being destroyed at the border, they are literally separated as a result of what this president is doing, we can not forget it, whether we like his personality or not. His actions are really what matters "

"You are the famous person and with great repercussions you said" To the president George W. Bush he does not care about blacks, "Kimmel continued to press the rapper." It makes me curious to think about what makes you believe Donald Trump does it [le importas] or someone? "

West listened intently to the question and staring at the infinity was speechless for a moment. Seeing that he had no words to answer, Kimmel suggested going "on pause", leaving the question floating heavily in the air …


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