Kate Middleton News: How the Duchess Made THIS with Prince George's Former Scary Royal | news

Katie Nicholl, in her 2017 biography "Harry: Life, Loss, and Love," deepens Harry's relationship with the dancer and actor Cressida Bonas.

She is Isabella Calthorpe's sister-in-law's half-sister, who caused tension between William and Kate when the Duke of Cambridge made "love affairs" in the mundane.

Mrs. Nicholl writes: "Cressida had been" completely frightened "as she watched the television show of William, Kate and George touring New Zealand and Australia that spring.

A friend told Mrs. Nicholl: "She was sitting at home watching Kate on the royal tour of Australia, and it was an alarm bell.

"There was no way she wanted that kind of attention and told Harry."

The friend also revealed: "Harry did not want things to end.

"He was in love with her and tried to convince her that they could do it, but Cressida's mind was invented.

"Harry had a real shock when he said" I can not do it. "I think she really broke her heart."

Mrs Bonas decided to end the two-year report, which lasted from 2012 to 2014.

Mrs. Nicholl continues: "Twice [Harry] he had remained heartbroken because the women he had fallen in love with did not want to share the life in which he was born. "

Similarly, Harry Chelsy Davy's girlfriend "decided once and for all" that could not be real after witnessing Kate's example.

For seven years, Harry had a famous interreligious relationship with Mrs. Davy of Zimbabwe, and was part of the royal wedding of Kate and William in 2011.

Ms. Nicholl writes: "Being part of the royal wedding had made Chelsy understand once and for all.

"The life of a royal bride was not for her and she told Harry that she could never make the sacrifices made by Kate."