Katie Piper acid attacker is released from prison & # 39;

The acid striker who left Strictly star Katie Piper with scars for life has been reportedly released from prison.

Steven Sylvestre was jailed in 2009 for throwing sulfuric acid in the face of the TV presenter in 2008.

Sylvestre, then at the age of 20, had to serve a minimum sentence of six years for the attack, and in August prison officials regarded him as safe to return to public life.

Stefan Sylvestre has been released from prison (Photo: PA)

The acid gangster, who had let Katie fight for life and needed more than 40 operations since the attack, was released Wednesday from the Highpoint prison, in Suffolk, and driven to a bail hostel in London.

Strictly speaking, bosses reportedly increased their safety after the news, and the author and TV presenter was spotted with bodyguards during the coffee break.

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One source told The Sun: "The license terms of Sylvestre include an exclusion zone that keeps him from an area around Katie's address.

Any attempt to go near the Strictly studio in Hertfordshire would almost certainly also allow him to return to prison directly.

"But although Sylvestre is in no way banned from contacting Katie, the simple fact that he is back in London will be of great concern to him. & # 39;

Katie is currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing (photo: PA)

He will also be required to hold a night time curfew, to be expected between 11 pm and 7 am, and will be subject to random drug tests.

Sources also said that his lifetime license agreement forbids him to contact Katie's obsessed ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch, who raped her before hiring Sylvestre to throw the acid in her face.

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Lynch was given a life sentence of at least 16 years and remains behind the bars.

This was the second time Sylvestre applied for parole, after being rejected in 2015.

In her autobiography, the TV presenter and charity worker wrote about the moment she heard that her attacker wanted to parole for the first time.

Katies ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch, who raped her before Sylvestre threw the acid in her face (Photo: PA)
The dirty attack left Katie with more than 40 operations and blinded her in one eye (photo: PA)

She wrote: "They had taken so much from me and now the punishment of this man could soon be over. I thought, "I'm the one with life imprisonment, not he, he can change his identity, change his name, get a new job, a partner, go on, but I can not do it. as if it did not happen, because it's all over my face ". & # 39;