Kazem Al-Saher explains why he changed his name after thirty years! He apologizes to them

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Posted: Sunday, February 10, 2019 – 2:44 Last updated: Sunday, February 10

Artist Kazem Saher explained to his fans why he recently changed his name to official newspapers and apologized to those who misinterpreted it.

"In the public register, my name is Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim al-Samarrai, and in the civil ID, my name is Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim, and in the official newspapers abroad, Kazim Jabbar al-Saher, the lack of agreement in the names caused me a lot Of the big problems. "

"I do not want to go into details, but my official transactions abroad have been stalled for almost a year because the names are not correct." I asked for proof from Kazem Jabbar al-Saher, Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim, but it was not enough and I went to the lawyer for advice. "In this matter I have been told that the addition of (Saher) to Kazim Jabbar Ibrahim is only a matter of paper."

"I am the son of Sayyid Jabbar and the great son of Nuriya Ali, I was and will remain Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim al-Samarrai with heart and soul and pride in my clan and all clans of Iraq .." "I do not mean abuse and I do not forget where I came from. I am the son of Iraq, and I say with pride and pride, and I have the honor to give you this interest. & # 39;

"I apologize if the subject hurts someone. It is only ink on paper, I am the son of Mesopotamia, my love and respect."

The last song of Kazem Al Saher was "Sabah Al Kheir Ya Hanim", from the text of Karim Al-Iraqi and composed by Talal and Fadel Faleh.

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